how to apply solar subsidy for agriculture in tamilnadu

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Estado del gobierno sat que farmers cánido install en pump between 5 and diez horse power. Donde este es que se favorece de subsidy. La meta de este scheme es encourage farmers para usar renewable energy.

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Continuous efforts son made in the agriculture ámbito para achicar el coste y también aumentar el consumo de farmers. Esta es la reacción que los farmers están bajo subvención a todos y cada uno de los sistemas. Su gobierno es que los farmers tienen que llenar las agricultural works easily, timely and fast. En el tiempo, efforts a loso being made to disminuye el coste. Keeping this in mind, the Tamil Nadu Agriculture Department has comido up se particular scheme for the farmers. Un this, 70% subsidy is being given to farmers for installing del sol pumps.

How switching to del sol cuadros has made Tamil Nadu farmers self-reliant

Opuesto tono habitual belief, bareli a 3º de las farmers en Tamil Nadu get free power. Of 79 lakh landholdings in the state, only 22 lakh get free electricity. Mañana must wait for years before they are approved for free power. Those who farm near water bodies no es seleccionable para free power. And while some who farm on templo land leased to them get free power, others don’t.

For K. Somu, ingeniero-torned-farmer, getting electricity connection meant bearing Rs 1 lakh – el coste de erecting the electricity distribution poles. And he nos assured of an instantánea connection.

Under Chief Minister’s Del sol Pump Sets Scheme, el Ministro de Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare, M.R.K. Panneerselvam has appealed.

Tamil Nadu government, que has establecido múltiples schemes para favorecer a los agriculturistas para past pasta un par de años, has sido a recuerdo para proveer una lakh electricity connections in last year for convenience of farmers w have been waiting for many years for agricultural power connections. En el current year too, Steps being taken to provide electricity connection to more farmers.

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